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Automated 20-80 Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Increase your productivity with on-the-go Automated 20-80 Analysis in Excel. Use this Smart Add-In for Microsoft Excel. Doing an Excel Pareto Analysis has never been so easy! Execute better, focus on data that really matters in just one click. The videos below show how to perform an Automated Excel Pareto Analysis in one click by using this cost-effective yet powerful Excel Pareto Analysis Add-In. Try it out, 100% money-back guaranteed!

Add-In Demo #1 - Simple

Add-In Demo #2 - Advanced

Add-In Features


Compatible with all  Microsoft Excel versions from Excel 2013 to latest versions.


Filters out hidden rows or already filtered cells to focus only on what matters to you.


Auto-detect range, but if you are not happy with it, you can still select your own.


Unlike native Excel functions, non-numerical values and errors  such as #DIV/0, #N/A  etc are simply handled without drama.  It is not fussy! 


Pareto targets, value filtering,  cells colors... You set your own rules.

Free Updates

Buy once. Get updates for life.

Pareto Analysis Excel Add-In Related Questions

Why doing a Pareto Analysis?

A Pareto Analysis is a simple yet powerful process derived from the 20/80 rule that allows you to focus on what really matters, usually time or money.

A Pareto Analysis can be applied to various matters such as profit optimization, quality management (six sigma), decision-making process, and complex issues. You can also apply the Pareto Principle to your life!  Get happier and more fulfilled by prioritizing your highest-valued activities, tasks, and projects with a Pareto Analysis of your activities.

Want to know more? Check the FAQ here

Why an Excel Pareto Analysis Add-In?

Doing a Pareto Analysis in an Excel spreadsheet is a simple yet powerful process.

However, this process is tedious and time-consuming, and it is especially true when your Excel spreadsheet suffers from information overload.

For example, suppose you manually do a Pareto Analysis in Excel. In that case, you first need to apply filters to define the dataset you want to draw a conclusion from and fix values such as #N/A or #DIV/0 due to missing or erroneous data, etc... You don't need this with Pareto Analysis Add-In.

This Pareto Add-In brings the benefits from automation in one click:

  • Convenience
  • Time Savings
  • Reliability

Not convinced? Check the DEMO here!

How Easy is the Excel Add-In to install?

Installing the Pareto Analysis Add-In in Microsoft Excel is a straightforward process, and it is no different than any other standard Excel Add-In. Check the video below for more details.

Why should I use a Pareto Analysis Add-in to prioritize my tasks or projects?

If you are in the business of juggling small projects, prioritizing the most important ones every week can be difficult. Assuming that your value for projects is quantified by relevant numerical metrics such as NPV (Net Present Value), total savings, or number hours saved; this Pareto Analysis Add-In for Microsoft Excel helps by providing an easy way to see which tasks will provide the most value for your time and money.

Knowing the most important projects on your to-do list is a key aspect of any prioritization method such as Eisenhower's Urgent-Important Matrix Prioritization tool.

Pareto Analysis Excel Add-In

Buying the Pareto Analysis Excel Add-In is a risk-free experience. If you are not happy with it, you simply get your money back. No questions asked.

Execute Better.  Execute Faster. Automate any Excel Pareto Analysis.

I love this add-in. It is cheap and fast. What used to take several minutes several times a day, now takes seconds. Less manual work spent on Excel spreadsheets and more time for myself!

It goes straight to the point of what is relevant.

Mark Tran

Business Owner

I save time for my cost analysis by using this Excel add-in. It is a quick and effective way of highlighting the main cost drivers of my numerous projects across different areas.

My manager loves it.

Yuri Baldassarre

Engineering Project Manager

I love this stuff, Microsoft should make it a native Excel feature! I mainly use the Pareto Analysis add-in for quick data analysis in Excel.

Indran Doreswamy, MBA

Business and Strategy Project Manager

As a Financial Analyst, I am often asked  to find the main cost drivers of ever changing bill of materials and other large data-sets.

With this add-in, I can now provide answers to last minutes requests and on-the-go questions in seconds, it is like real-time instantaneous execution.

Charith Hewavitharana

Finance Analyst, Ford Motor Company of Australia

Nowadays, business is all about productivity.

I work in a fast-paced environment, and I increase my output on a daily basis with this Excel add-in. I do not waste time anymore cleaning data, fixing broken formulas and doing the boring math for my Pareto Analysis. It makes my life easier for my sales analysis.

Veronica Lomibao, CPA

Business Analyst

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