Smart Excel Pareto Analysis Add-In

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Easy to use, smart, and customizable Microsoft Excel Add-In for a one-click immediate Pareto Analysis in Excel.

Doing a Pareto Analysis, or applying the 20-80 rule with Excel Data has never been so easy! It is a simple yet powerful process that allows focusing on what really matters for better productivity.

Not convinced? Check the DEMO here.

Add-In Features


Compatible with all  Microsoft Excel versions from Excel 2013 to latest versions.


Filters out hidden rows or already filtered cells to focus only on what matters to you.


Auto-detect range, but if you are not happy with it, you can still select your own.


Unlike native Excel functions, non-numerical values and errors  such as #DIV/0, #N/A  etc are simply handled without drama.  It is not fussy! 


Pareto targets, value filtering,  cells colors... You set your own rules.

Free Updates

Buy once. Get updates for life.

I love this add-in. It is cheap and fast. What used to take several minutes several times a day, now takes seconds. Less manual work spent on Excel spreadsheets and more time for myself!

It goes straight to the point of what is relevant.

Mark Tran

Business Owner

I save time for my cost analysis by using this Excel add-in. It is a quick and effective way of highlighting the main cost drivers of my numerous projects across different areas.

My manager loves it.

Yuri Baldassarre

Engineering Project Manager

I love this stuff, Microsoft should make it a native Excel feature! I mainly use the Pareto Analysis add-in for quick data analysis in Excel.

Indran Doreswamy, MBA

Business and Strategy Project Manager

As a Financial Analyst, I am often asked  to find the main cost drivers of ever changing bill of materials and other large data-sets.

With this add-in, I can now provide answers to last minutes requests and on-the-go questions in seconds, it is like real-time instantaneous execution.

Charith Hewavitharana

Finance Analyst, Ford Motor Company of Australia

Nowadays, business is all about productivity.

I work in a fast-paced environment, and I increase my output on a daily basis with this Excel add-in. I do not waste time anymore cleaning data, fixing broken formulas and doing the boring math for my Pareto Analysis. It makes my life easier for my sales analysis.

Veronica Lomibao, CPA

Business Analyst

Pareto Analysis & Productivity Tools

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